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Hale Living Co.

Hale Paper Hand Soap

Hale Paper Hand Soap

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Hand washing is critical to keep you and your festival family healthy and safe. You can't rely on there being soap or sanitizer available at the bathrooms, let alone 

This paper soap is designed to fit in our pockets, in our bags, in our cars and in our carry-ons just like hand sanitizers.

  • Eco-friendly alternative to hand sanitizers
  • Leaves hands clean and refreshed
  • Biodegradable and plastic free
  • Portable for backpacks, diaper bags, purses and more
  • 25 sheets per pack
  • Made with natural essential oils

How to use: Pick up a sheet of paper soap with dry hands. Wet hands with clean water, rub to form a rich lather and rinse well.

Scents: Calm Lavender, Honey Lemon, White Jasmine, Sea Breeze, Wild Rose



Water soluble paper, soap, and natural essential oils.


8 cm tall by 5 cm wide

Care Instructions

Keep in a dry place.

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